Date Event
January 2018

March-April 2018

April 2018

November 2018

Kick-off meeting in Montpellier & grantholder’s meeting in Brussels

Field missions in Thailand, Philippines & Indonesia

Consortium meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Consortium meeting in Madrid


Date Event
April 2019

May 2019

July 2019

From November 2019

December 2019

Training on digital tools in Bangkok, Thailand

Observation Weeks for the Asian partners in Vilnius, Uppsala and Torino

Training on the multiskills approach and finalization of the modules (digital tools coaching) in Bandung, Indonesia

First delivery phase of GECKO modules

Consortium meeting in Bangkok, Thailand


Date Event
January 2020

November 2020

From November 2020

Quality field mission in the Philippines

Virtual Consortium meeting

Second delivery phase of GECKO modules


Date Event
March 2021

March-April 2021

June 28-July 2

September 30

October 1

Virtual Consortium meeting

Virtual Quality Field Missions for Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia

Virtual Summer School

Final Virtual Consortium Meeting

Final Conference (dissemination event)