What is a Capacity Building project?

Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education such as GECKO support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in Partner Countries.

The projects aim to encourage cooperation between the EU and Partner Countries in addressing challenges in the management and governance of their higher education institutions. This includes improving the quality of higher education, developing new and innovative education programmes, modernising higher education systems through reform policies as well as fostering cooperation across different regions of the world through joint initiatives.

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The strong economic growth and the ensuing market development in the ASEAN region have created a shift in labor market needs. Adjusting engineer training through the implementation of a multi-skill approach is crucial to meet these new requirements.

The GECKO project (2017-2020) aims to develop engineers’ capabilities and implement best practices based on employability and regional cooperation in three target countries: Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. These objectives will be carried out through the development and implementation of a multidisciplinary curriculum supported by innovative teaching materials and modern teaching technologies.